ECIN has launched interventions with key partner organizations across education, health, and community settings in Washington, DC.

Our approach is a unique integration of research and practice, allowing ECIN to learn as we go and leverage the best available insights from the community. We continue to source innovations for future interventions. 


ECIN Healthy Steps.png

HealthySteps at Children’s National Community Health Centers

HealthySteps embeds an early childhood mental health specialist within the primary care clinic to engage with families at each routine pediatric visit from birth to three years of age. ECIN's HealthySteps DC model provides caregivers with behavioral health intervention sessions and full-time case management support.


ECIN maternal mental health.png

Integrated Mental Health Care for Pregnant Women at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

This intervention embeds a maternal and child mental health clinician in the high-risk prenatal clinic at MedStar Washington Hospital Center to serve women with HIV, multiple medical problems, high rates of social stress, and high risk for mental illness and addiction.


ECIN mindful parenting.png

Mindful Parenting Innovation at Educare DC

At Educare DC, an early learning center in Ward 7, ECIN offers "mindful parenting" workshops and supports the delivery of a curriculum that focuses on self-control, self-esteem, emotional awareness, problem-solving, and social interactions.


ECIN early childhood mental health consultation.png

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) at AppleTree Public Charter Schools

ECIN has expanded its partnership with AppleTree to six campuses, each of which serves communities with high rates of community trauma and violence, to implement and evaluate the impact of high-quality early childhood mental health consultation on school environment, teacher effectiveness, and student behavior.


ECIN evaluating financial impact.png

Evaluating the Impact of Financial Interventions at Martha’s Table

ECIN is working with Martha's Table to provide research and evaluation assistance that bridges silos, reduces redundancy, and optimizes DC-wide evaluation efforts within early childcare/education settings. ECIN and Martha’s Table are also exploring opportunities to partner around parent and teacher wellness efforts.


ECIN mobile app development.png

Development of a Mobile Application to Support and Empower Parents and Caregivers

ECIN is creating an app for parents participating in our various pilot projects to strengthen connections between parents, grassroots leaders, and resources in their communities.


ECIN collaborating east of the river.png

Collaborating to Reinforce Community Resilience East of the River

Recently awarded a Place-Based Grant from DC Health, ECIN will work alongside the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative to facilitate social networking within four neighborhoods in Ward 8, helping families connect to resources and community providers in the social services, workforce development, and healthcare networks.