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Learn about a family impacted by ECIN’s HealthySteps program. Please note that the family name has been changed for the purposes of sharing this story.

Ms. Johnson is raising three children in Washington, DC. She works hard to take each of her children to regular visits at the pediatrician’s office, but doctors realized the family was missing important check-ups for her infant and toddler.

The doctor referred Ms. Johnson to the HealthySteps team at Children’s Health Center-Anacostia. The HealthySteps team learned that Ms. Johnson had experienced domestic violence and suffered from depression. The HealthySteps Specialist offered therapy sessions and connected her to a peer support group. Additionally, the HealthySteps Family Champion learned that the family had not been able to connect to early intervention services to address speech delay in the toddler. The Family Champion worked with Ms. Johnson to arrange speech therapy for the child and a developmental evaluation for the infant, who was showing delays in motor skills.

For the Johnson family, there was a significant benefit to partnering with HealthySteps. The children received direct services and a foundation for improved long-term health and success in school and in the community. Ms. Johnson benefitted from direct emotional support to manage her depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. She was able to take better care of herself and her family with these timely supports.


ECIN has been a great resource in helping me with new ideas in launching and growing Divas Still Standing After Abuse. ECIN has enabled me to tap into a network of supporters and partners who share an interest in making our communities safer, stronger, and healthier.
— Angel Grice

Angel Grice is a working mother and founder of Divas Still Standing After Abuse, a local nonprofit dedicated to building resilience in girls and women of all ages in Washington, DC. As a survivor of physical, mental, and sexual abuse from her childhood and young adulthood, Angel was inspired to launch her own non-profit organization. Participating in ECIN’s community building meetings helped to advance her vision for a non-profit committed to empowering families, promoting awareness around abuse, and building self-esteem in women and girls of all ages. 

ECIN’s approach to working with families and communities helped Angel learn best practices for working with victims of abuse and explore new ideas for her nonprofit. Angel looks forward to continuing to work with ECIN colleagues who have been supportive as she launched Divas Still Standing After Abuse.